Everyone’s Doing IT is the recycling campaign for SIX local authorities based in South East Wales. Supported and funded by the Welsh Government and adopted locally by each of the partnered local authorities.

The campaign aims to make consumers STOP, THINK and RECYCLE as much as they can, and now that more and more people across Wales are choosing to RECYCLE, it highlights that Everyone’s Doing IT – and if you’re not, why not?

Wales boasts one of the highest recycling rates across the UK, Europe and the World, and as a nation we must continue to build on this success and recycle more – SIX Local Authorities have come together to highlight that recycling has no boundaries and even though we may all do IT a bit differently – Everyone’s Doing IT from Brecon to Treorchy, people are DOING IT in their bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and even in their gardens!


For more details on how your local authority is doing IT, visit your Council’s recycling webpage: