Getting started is easy, follow our simple steps and start recycling today.

1. Get the right equipment

Contact your local Council and find out what equipment you need to start recycling. Most of this is free, although some council’s may charge a small fee for bags. Equipment can be delivered to your door or alternatively, head to your nearest library or other council building to pick up any bins, boxes or bags you may need.

2. Find out what you can recycle

Most things can be recycled, but not everything! Check your local Councils website which will give you details and information on what to do with your waste.

3. Food Waste

Don’t forget about food waste! Nearly all of Wales is covered by a food waste recycling collection service and collections usually take place once a week. All food can be recycled so it’s easy to get started! Contact your local Council to sign up today!

4. Find out your recycling collection date

Find out when your recycling is collected. Most local authorities will collect recycling weekly, contact your local Council to find out what the collection schedule is in your area.